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Experienced professionals are uniquely positioned to move into the exciting, rapidly growing field of Executive or Life Coaching. Coaching helps a client identify and accomplish important life goals and maximize performance and productivity.

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Benefits of Developing an Executive or Life Coaching Practice

  • 100% self pay clients
  • Coaching is customarily conducted by telephone. You can coach from your home, office, rural areas, and vacation … anywhere your phone works!
  • Higher per hour rate – standard coaching rates are $100 or more per half-hour session for personal coaching, and the Harvard Business Review reports an average rate of $500/hour for experienced executive coaches
  • New pool of potential clients
  • Fits within your schedule
  • Expands your potential market from local to international
  • Can increase your life satisfaction – you work with high functioning, appreciative clients and help them achieve their dreams
  • $250-$500/hour is common for teleconference coaching groups
  • Reduced liability compared to many other professional activities
  • Increasing number of “Internal Coach” career position openings in large organizations for certified coaches

People benefit when you add coaching to your practice or organization

  • Individuals need help clarifying and accomplishing their most important goals
  • Business leaders need help staying focused on productive means to grow their businesses
  • Managers and leaders need new skills to survive and thrive in an ever changing environment
  • Executives need help developing leadership skills and adapting to change
  • Countless niche needs of the public are unfulfilled – each niche area can benefit from coach specialists
  • Personal coaching helps people make the best use of their time so they enjoy family, recreation and travel
“This has been one of the best, and most practical, learning experiences I have had in years. Anyone thinking of recreating their profession should consider attending this course.”
—Chuck P. Allen, Ph.D.
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The Top 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Executive or Life Coach Training

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“This program was amazing! Today was a huge learning experience. The whole week far exceeded my expectations.”
—John Brock, MBA
“If you want to be a professional coach, this program is mandatory. Nowhere else can you get the assembly of talent & the resources that are available here. I would certainly recommend these courses to colleagues prepared to work for a professional and valuable coaching certification”
—Rob Sproule, Ph.D., Joondalup, Western Australia

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