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Strengths-Based Coaching Network

Your coach helps you understand your talents, personality, and emotional intelligence factors to leverage your strengths to be a peak performer. We use the CliftonStrengths, formerly called the StrengthsFinder, and other assessments, to help you achieve your personal and career goals faster than on your own.

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College of Executive Coaching Strengths-Based Coaching Network

Get College of Executive Coaching Strengths Coaching for your organization.

For twenty years, College of Executive Coaching’s coaches have been trusted advisers and expert coaches to managers and leaders to reach new levels of success.

Your organization can finally obtain cost-effective, expert level ICF and College of Executive Coaching Certified coaches when you enroll ten or more employees in a coaching program. We provide structured strengths-based and emotional intelligence enhancing programs. These four to twelve coaching session programs enable you to create a coaching culture by providing coaching to all—at an affordable fee. We use the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment but unlike other strengths coaching programs, we also use several other top-rated assessments for enhanced coaching outcomes.

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Expert, senior level College of Executive Coaching Strengths coaches are ready to help you succeed.

College of Executive Coaching provides coaching sessions with certified professional coaches who know how to help people maximize their potential by understanding and using their strengths.

College of Executive Coaching strengths-based professional coaches help leaders and teams excel.

Coaching is the key to being your best, at work or at home. You hear it all the time: invest in yourself. But you can't do that alone. To get the most out of what you naturally do best, you need a coach. A strengths-based professional coach is trained to help you turn your talents into strengths and use them effectively. In addition, a strengths-based coach helps you manage your strengths in line with your personal and professional goals because strengths overused can become weaknesses.

Why Should Your Organization Provide College of Executive Coaching Strengths-Based Coaches?

To overcome obstacles. To improve performance. To accomplish goals. So invest in yourself and connect with a College of Executive Coaching certified coach. They're the secret to your success.

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People who work with a coach to fine-tune the use of their strengths:

  • Are 3x more likely to report an excellent quality of life
  • Are 6x more likely to be engaged
  • Have 8%-18% greater performance in the workplace

Teams Who Use Their Strengths:

  • Have 14%-29% higher profit
  • Have 10%-19% more sales
  • Have 6%-72% lower turnover
  • Managers who focus on strengths reduce active disengagement to just 1%

Team members learn how to manage the following challenges by working with a strengths-based coach:

  • How can I grow in my career?
  • How can I be a better manager for my people?
  • How can I deliver more effective feedback?
  • How do I achieve my goals and help my team and organization succeed in the process?

College of Executive Coaching strengths-based coaches are the answer.

Our coaches have received specialized post-graduate training in multiple strengths-based coaching assessments, obtain the independent International Coach Federation Coach Credential, have at least 500-3,000 documented hours of coaching experience, and have passed written and oral examinations of their coaching competency—to help individuals and teams be more effective.

These coaches help employees learn how to flourish. They help people understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to manage both more effectively.

Coaches teach teams how to work better together by understanding what each person does best.

Connect with us to find the right type of coaching.

College of Executive Coaching Certified Coaches Provide:

  • Individual professional coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Manager coaching
  • Executive and leadership coaching

We work with clients on:

  • Professional development
  • Team dynamics
  • Conflict resolution
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Career transitions
  • Leadership development

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